50 shades of hypocrisy

It was probably a Saturday evening, my girlfriend had just gotten off of work and I– her royal chariot– picked  her up to take her to my magical castle. First we had sushi for lunch and drove around aimlessly on Carlsbad’s lazy village and eventually ended up locking ourselves in my room.

Yup, keep reading…

3…4 hours later, we were dressing up and we got a little idea; a narcissistic, teenage thought of fun. Since we are still young and gorgeous, we decided to take a selfie and post it on instagram. Just so we can petrify that sexy moment forever. I was not impressed by the feedback; I only got 50 likes…It seemed like no one cared about my naked girlfriend laying with her nude chest on my back while I’m shirtlessly posing in the mirror.

I suppose that sex and nudity are overrated after all.

Over the next months though, It seems that I have been praised and criticized by every person I know and don’t know.

“Bro was she ok with you posting that?”

“Dude you can see her side boob”

“Aren’t you embarrassed?”

And my favorite.

“Man, you’re a Legend”

Apparently nudity is still a… touchy subject, even in today’s American culture. So either I have a misconception about the society I live in, or we are all a bunch of hypocrites.

I am quite sure that it’s the second one…

6 foot tall Victoria Secret models pose in their silky underwear and push-up bras, displaying proudly their butts and boobs while Abercrombie beefcakes are an inch away from dropping their jeans and flinging out their junk for public display. I have Nicki Minaj’s “buns” hanging out on the TV and Kim Kardashian’s elephantine silicon m-ass filling up magazine front pages. (I have to be reminded that butt competitions are society’s pride.) Erotic novels are now best sellers–and making their way to Hollywood. Feminists demonstrate nude, Miley Cyrus is doing a concert fully naked and HBO will surely show boobs in every one of its shows until the company runs out of porn stars and actresses.

Am I missing something here ?

“Twerk that, drop that, show that, lick that, grab that, eat that, shake that.” They are all about the same thing!

Because frankly, we love, crave and just cant contain ourselves to feel… that heat.

ISIS kills second American Journalist? Oops, you’re too busy “reading” about the celebrity phone hacks. You want to watch a report on the stabbings at UC Merced? Sike! No time for drama,  you’re too busy watching Lamar in his brothel adventures.

We live and die by society’s social standards, and today, American society is sex obsessed. This status quo, though, is just another subject to change. It’s a formless lifestyle of excessiveness and sexual pride which no matter how fun, is not permanent. Next year or even 10 years later, the picture I posted could be mild compared to others, or perhaps I will be asked by Instagram to take it down. Who knows?

We act and adapt according to our society and our social behavior on social media is the smallest part of it. The majority includes living with commodities such as plumbing and electricity. So If you believe that you’re not a part of this society, I suppose that you live naked in the woods along with your friends, the wolf and bear. If not, admit it. You’re a part of this.

Perhaps you have been searching for a meaning behind this inconclusive critique of society. Well, maybe my little anecdote in the beginning was after all a luring trap of sexual content just to keep you reading.

Perhaps I wanted to talk about something more important than a sexy selfie and how it has affected me and everyone around me. Perhaps… I just want to say that all this is okay. Our current society is like the 13 year old girl that goes home to her mom wearing a black leather jacket, spike boots, yellow lipstick, rainbow hair and tells her “This is the real me mom, you can’t change me.” It’s true, she can’t. But you will surely change on your own.

In general, maturity is hypocrisy…

This society, no matter how sexual and crude, oblivious and ignorant, will pass. I doubt that we will move on to encompass 19th century aristocratic and prudish men and women but hey, at least we’re moving.

Until then, people will continue to pose for naked selfies, wear tight skirts and short crop tops and show off their guns in tank tops.  People will keep watching every erotic music star’s music video and shaking their booties till they go numb, making out with hot strangers and poisoning their ears with the crappiest bull-pop on Spotify.

But most importantly, lets not be hypocrites. I know you, I know that some aspect of this sh-tellar culture is appealing to you. Chances are, there is something you enjoy in it, there is something in this culture that makes you feel free. Maybe its the freedom of wearing leggings every day or short, booty-cheek jeans. Perhaps it’s the music, the sex, the freedom of words or being proudly and openly gay. It could be the sensual dances, Snapchat, memes, getting piercings and tattoos without being looked at as a freak or maybe you don’t do any of that and you just love watching everyone else making a fool of themselves. Don’t worry buddy, this still puts you in the group. Otherwise you would be hanging out with Mr. Bear and Mr. Wolf.

So, a wish for all of us fine specimens of human development and social evolution: may we live long and triumphantly but above all, lets enjoy this while it lasts.

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